In the restaurant you can enjoy friendly and calm atmosphere of French countryside even if you are in the centre of Prague just a few meters from Wenceslas Square and National Museum. What we especially would like to show is delight and pleasure the French feel about good food, diligence and imagination with which they prepare it and respect and concentration when they eat it.
On the menu you can find steaks and other dishes from aged Charolais beef produced by Czech farmers, lamb from our farm, fruit brandy produced in our own distillery and various French specialties.


“You know what you eat” – Steaks with Certificate of Origin


  • Charolais – Name of the restaurant “White Cow” refers to the world’s best breed originating from the French town called Charolais.
  • Bull´s Age – We use beef from young Charolais bulls raised on meadows by Czech farmers. Age of bulls is between 18 and 22 months
  • Aged beef – Sensitive, stress-free slaughter is crucial for the right maturing meat. Beef is aged for 1-2 months. This dry-ageing process takes place in a cool atmosphere (2°C) with controlled humidity. During that time natural enzymes work on the meat, making it tenderer, tastier and developing its flavor.
  • Beef cutting – According to the French way, the meat is cut into 32 parts, each of which has its specific use in the cooking. Matured young beef meat can be prepared in a wide variety of steaks.