French countryside restaurant in prague

since 1993

Monday – Friday: 11:30 – 22:30
Saturday: 17:00-22:30
Sunday: closed

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You know what you eat and drink at us

We will take you to the friendly atmosphere of the French countryside. You will taste steaks made from aged beef from Czech breeders, lamb from our farm in Myštěvs and fruit spirits from our Radlík distillery.

Birth certificate steaks

The meat comes from cooperating Czech breeders of the French Charolais breed. The name of the restaurant refers to the typical colour of this breed.

Guests can find out about a particular cut from a board displayed in the restaurant: its number, age, date of slaughter and the maturation period of the meat. We are happy that people want to know the details of their food and appreciate the quality and care that goes into its preparation. We are doubly pleased because the Natural breeding company, which was and still is involved in the introduction of meat breeds of cattle after 1989, is associated with the restaurant.

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Lamb meat

from our own farm in Myštěvs

We run a small farm in Podkrkonoší, where we breed sheep. We have about 100 lambs on the farm, which we deliver only to our restaurant. The sheep are outdoors all year round and feed exclusively on organic grazing. We do not use artificial fertilisers or pesticides. In the winter we feed them hay, fodder beets and leftover baguettes from the restaurant 🙂

The restaurant is connected to the craft distillery Palírna Radlík, which has been operating since its establishment in 1998. The heart of the distillery is a copper double boiler still. Like top winemakers, we use controlled fermentation technology to prepare the fermentation. We are pleased that our fruit spirits have won numerous awards in the Czech Republic and around the world. We are delighted that fruit spirits are gaining in popularity and believe that we should be as proud of them as the French are of calvados or cognac, the Scots of whisky or the Italians of grappa.

Fruit distillates

from our own Radlík distillery

Wagyu beef

from Mullers family farm

We are one of the few restaurants where you can taste meat from the only Czech Wagyu breed in Mnětice near Pardubice. Wagyu beef has a unique taste and its place in gastronomy.

Dessert prepared at -196 °C

right at your table

Dessert prepared with liquid nitrogen is such a small performance at your table. Thanks to the extremely fast cooling, the ice cream dessert is ready in no time.

Give the gastro experience gift

We offer vouchers in the value of 1000 CZK, 1500 CZK and 2000 CZK. You can buy gift vouchers directly in our restaurant or order their delivery online.

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