About restaurant

bila krava interier

Our goal is to bring a piece of the peaceful atmosphere of the French countryside to the centre of Vinohrady. We are more of a small family restaurant, which is characterized by a less formal and friendly approach to guests. A restaurant is always about the people who make it what it is. Bíla Kráva has been run for many years by Víťa Bajčanová with a permanent team on the set and in the kitchen.

Bílá Kráva

is here since year 1993

When we opened the restaurant, it was one of the first restaurants where you could taste quality aged beef. From the beginning, we wanted to present beef of the highest quality. That means beef with a known provenance, dry-aged in whole quarters and butchered the way the French do. Among all the meat breeds, we chose the Charolais breed, which is considered almost a national treasure in the Gallic cock country. The name of the restaurant also refers to its characteristic colour.

Charolais bulls are bred outdoors on meadows by cooperating Czech breeders. The cows are not milked, all the milk is consumed by the calves, which are grazing together with them.

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with the breed society

We are farmers by origin and have developed beef cattle breeds in the Czech Republic. In 1990 we founded the breeding company Beef Natural (later referred to as Natural), which is still active. We were at the origin of the Association of Breeders of Meat Cattle Breeds, published breeding publications, imported breeding material from France (breeding heifers, insemination doses, embryos) and practically introduced breeding of specialized meat breeds.

In France, we learned how good quality and matured beef tastes and we wanted to show it here. This led us to the idea of opening a restaurant. Our French friends helped us a lot at that time, for which we thank them.