Menu Goût de France / Good France

The second edition of Good France, to be held March 21, will see 11 Czech restaurants offering typically French dishes to highlight the taste of French cuisine. Bila Krava was selected by French Embassy in Prague. We prepared the following menu:

Good de France_pngWelcome Drink

  • Kir Royal and Sea anemone with Bloody Mary


  • Burgundy Snails boiled in broth, baked in shells with garlic-herb butter
  • wine – Chablis AOC 2012, Billaud Simon Bourgogne

First Main Dish

  • Beef Bourguignon (beef cubes marinated in Merlot wine for 24 hours, then simmered in strong sauce flavoured with cognac, mushrooms, bacon and small onions) served with Potato purée.
  • wine – Pinot Noir 2012, Bourgogne Rossignol Trapet

Second Main Dish

  • Araignées steak (Highly prized beef cut from an acetabulum. The name comes from the fat marbling looking like a spider net. Steak is juicy, tender and has strong flavour) served with Ratatouille
  • wine – Château Beaumont Cru AOC 2012, Bordeaux Haut Medoc


  • Camembert
  • wine – Cotes du Rhone La Dame AOC 2014, De La Mordorée


  • Home-made chocolate fondant prepared from 70% chocolate served together with Home-made curd ice cream prepared directly at your table using liquid nitrogen
  • dessert wine- Royal o Porto 10years

Price: 1,500 Kč

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