About restaurant

  • Beef restaurant
    Charolais beef with our trademark “Apros Beef Natural” prides oneself on another trademark “Extra Beef”, which is granted by the Czech Beef Breeders Association (ČSCHMS). These trademarks were granted thanks to its quality – through the preservation and improvement of this quality, we wish to contribute to rebirth of the best reputation of beef.
  • Charolais Is Also Burgundian
    Where else could the meat-covered breed of “white cows” originate than in Burgundy, the area that is well-known for its wine and cuisine? Thanks to the cows, gourmets all over the world know the small town of Charolais, which gave the name to the breed. You will certainly find Charolais to be exceptional both at first sight and at first taste.
  • Not Only Good But Also Healthy
    We usually cannot see this breed in cowsheds; they spend all their life on leas. The cows are not milked; they breastfeed their calves for over six months. Like their mothers, the calves are very satisfied and healthy. Since it takes more time for them to grow mature, no fat is deposited in their bodies. The meat that gets on your table is thus leaner and healthier than usual.
  • Your Food Is No Anonym
    On your table, you will always find meat from young animals. Every piece has its “curriculum vitae”. You can learn everything about it – name of the breeder, age, sex, even the origin of the animal, if you wish. And, of course, the part, which was used by the cook to prepare your meal.
  • Who Is Able To Eat, Thus Also To live?
    Of course, we say – the French. It would not have been the French if they had left only beef breeders to take care of their taste buds. Primarily, they invented a different processing method, i.e. carcass cutting and ageing of meat so that the culinary properties of each muscle can be distinguished and attract as many gourmets as possible. That is why the art of meat cooking cannot be learnt from anyone else. According to the French way, the meat is cut into 32 pieces, each of them being entitled to special treatment corresponding to its character. Sirloin (filet) and short loin (faux fillet) are well-known terms, but have you ever heard such poetic words as onglet, bavette? These terms denominate muscles in the area of navel and flank, which are considered by the French the most delicious beef.
  • You Will Feel the Difference
    The meat ageing process is becoming the key to the final meat quality, its tenderness, juiciness and taste. In the Czech Republic, meat is frozen or distributed usually 3 days after slaughter. However, we leave meat age for about 21 days while we strictly observe conditions as it is usual in France. We do not freeze meat in order to preserve its consistence and taste.
  • Art of Love
    If the real love goes through the stomach, we believe you are now standing in front of a new, exciting, loving and primarily permanent relationship… With the Charolais meat, of course. Now you know enough to feel desire for the fatal meeting. There is only one thing to say: Bon appetite…