Our Fruit Brandy

logo_web_3_jpg_760x760_q85In restaurant you can taste various fruit brandies from our distillery Palirna Radlik – Jilove u Prahy.

Our fruit brandy is produced in a traditional two-boiler technology. Fruit brandy belongs to the top valued categories of spirits. Genuine fruit brandy is made from pure fruit without added sugar, refined alcohol or artificial flavours. It tastes delicately and you can find typical fruit taste in its natural fragrance.

Distillery was established in 1998. During its existence it was awarded by many prizes at the most prestigious displays of fruit brandies (e.g. Vizovocký košt, Flora Olomouc, Pražský košt, etc.). Our fruit brandies were also awarded by three silver medals at San Francisco World Spirits Competition, which is one of the most prestigious spirits competitions in the world and recognized internationally as one of the most influential events in the world of spirits.

We offer nice selection of fruit brandies on the menu, so you have change to taste our award-winning spirits as well as brandies from various fruit.

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