Food and drink menu

  • Starters

    Home made Goose liver paté 155,-
    fruit chutney
    100g Beef Tartar 215,-
    served with variation of traditional spices and fried bread (4/6pcs.)
    Carpaccio 220,-
    marinated slices of tenderloin, Parmigiano reggiano, garnished with home-made basil pesto, rocket and capers
    Burgundy Snails warm starter 6/12pcs. 155,-/250,-
    boiled in broth, baked in shells with garlic-herb butter
    Frog leg, tarragon cream 155,-


    Consommé 49,-
    flavoursome beef broth
    Consommé 65,-
    flavoursome beef broth with liver - meat dumplings and roasted wegetables noodles with butter

    Charolais Meat - Trade Mark Apros Natural Beef

    8-hours roasted lamb with mint herbs and white vine, , potato gratin 280,-
    / lamb is from our farm Myštěves/

    „You are what you eat“- your food is no anonym.

    On your table, you will always find meat from young animals. Every piece has its "curriculum vitae". You can learn everything about it - name of the breeder, age, sex, even the origin of the animal, if you wish. And, of course, the part, which was used by the cook to prepare your meal.

    8-hours roasted lamb with mint herbs and white vine, , potato gratin 280,-
    / lamb is from our farm Myštěves/

    Burgundy Specialty

    Beef Bourguignon 285,-
    famous traditional Burgundy dish - beef cubes marinated in Merlot wine for 24 hours, then simmered in strong sauce flavoured with cognac, mushrooms, bacon and small onions

    Beefsteaks on Lava Stone Grill

    Mix grille Bílá Kráva 1999,-
    samples of five different steaks (Faux filet, Entrecote, Rumpsteak, Onglet, Spider steak), served with three different sauces, grilled vegetable, Brussels sprout and potato gratin
    Selection of steaks for 2 persons 1180,-
    300g Beef Selection 385,-
    Faux filet,Rumpsteak,Onglet
    200g Maminha - Tri Tip 305,-
    200g Araignées steak (Spider steak) with Pepper sauce 360,-
    Highly prized beef cut from an acetabulum. The name comes from the fat marbling looking like a spider net. Steak is juicy, tender and has strong flavour.
    100g/200g Faux filet (Striploin steak) 190,-/360,-
    300g Entrecote 420,-
    500g Steak Natural-entrecote 695,-
    Dry aged
    200g Rumpsteak 345,-
    180g Onglet (Hanger steak) 299,-
    (very specific taste, popular in France)
    200g Filet de Boadorais - tenderloin 499,-
    larded with Parma ham and wrapped in bacon
    200g/ 300g Filet 480,-/699,-
    200g Filet with Wagyu beef n.5 Japan 650,-
    200g Filet with foie gras 650,-
    prepared according to your wishes: raw , rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, well done

    Steak Sauces

    All our sauces are prepared with fresh ingredients, herbs and home-made meat stock

    Demi-glace 35,-
    reduced stock of vegetable, veal and beef bones
    Burgundy Shallot 35,-
    with caramelised shallot and wine
    Chipotle 35,-
    Pepper 35,-
    with green pickled peppercorns and a touch of cream
    Mushroom 35,-
    with cream and roasted onion

    Vegetable Dishes

    Aubergine rolls with cheese 225,-
    tomato, basil, potatoes


    Salad with beef steak and avokado 240,-
    mango dressing
    Small mixed salad from fresh seasonal vegetable 85,-

    Side Dishes

    Potato gratin 85,-
    thin slices of potatoes with cream and grated Parmesan cheese
    Homemade Potato croquettes 65,-
    pumpkin, cheese
    Ratatouille 85,-
    aubergine, zucchini, pepper, cherry tomatoes, shallot with Provencal herbs and white wine
    Marinated beetroot 65,-
    orange, thime
    Roasted green beans with bacon 65,-
    Homemade French fries 65,-
    Baguette 35,-


    Crème Brulée 95,-
    unique traditional French dessert
    Home-made chocolate fondant 130,-
    prepared from 70% chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream and forest fruit
    Lemon and mango sorbet 95,-
    with French sparkling wine
    Home-made curd ice cream with hot raspberries 150,-
    prepared directly at your table using liquid nitrogen (-196°C)

    Cheeses and Snacks

    French Cheese Plate 190,-
    with marmalade
  • Soft Drinks

    0,20l Juice Cappy, Fruit juice 45,-
    0,33l Coca Cola, Fanta 45,-
    0,25l Tonic 45,-
    0,25l Bonaqua 30,-
    1l KRONDORF 119,-
    0,50l Home-made lemonade 65,-
    ginger, with mint and lime
    Bottomless carafe of tap water 35,-

    Hot Drinks

    Espreso, Turkish coffee 45,-
    Capuccino, Latté 50,-/55,-
    Viennese coffee 50,-
    Algerian coffee 75,-
    Tea 55,-
    Fresh mint and ginger tea 55,-
    with honey and lemon


    0,30l/0,50l Měšťanský pivovar Polička - Otakar 11° 30,-/45,-
    0.3l Plzeňský Prazdroj 45,-
    0,33l Non-alcoholic beer - Birell (bottle) 40,-


    0,25l Cider 70,-
    traditional, slightly alcoholic French apple drink

    Fruit Spirits

    seasonal offer of selected spirits from our distillery in Jílové Radlík

    0,04l Fruit Spirits Extra 115,-/150,-
    aged in oak barrels
    3 tasting portions of fruit brandy of our distillery 130,-
    in Jílové Radlík


    0,04l Grappa tradizionále 135,-
    0,04l Grappa Morbida 145,-
    0.04 Grappa Affinata Gewürztraminer 210,-
    0,04l Pears Williams 140,-
    0,04l Calvados Groult 8 160,-
    0,04l Calvados VSOP 140,-
    0,04l Calvados Fine 115,-
    0,04l Vodka Finlandia 80,-
    0,04l Gin Beefeater 85,-
    0,04l Becherovka 75,-
    0,04l Fernet Stock 75,-


    0,04l Gelas Bas Armagnac 18Y 190,-
    0,04l Bache Gabrielsen fine Cognac VSOP 155,-


    0,04l Baileys cream 75,-
    0,04l Jagermeister 75,-
    0,04l Godet Pearadise 160,-


    0,04l J. Walker 85,-
    0,04l J. Daniels 120,-
    0,04l Jameson Irish 6 years 80,-
    0,04l LaphroaigQuarter Cask 48% 160,-
    0.04l Glenfarclas 12Y 42% 130,-
    0.04l Rhum J.M.X.O. 40% 160,-
    0.04l Dictador 20Y 160,-
    0.04l Malteco 10Y 120,-
  • White wines

    Bohemia and Moravia

    0,75l Ryzlink vlašský 460,-/92,-
    0,75l Sauvignon 490,-
    L. Veverka
    0,75l Chardonnay RESERVA 750,-
    Milan Sůkal
    0,75l Rulandské šedé p.s. 490,-/98,-
    Milan Sůkal
    0,75l Chardonnay 590,-
    L. Veverka
    0,75l CHardonnay v.h. 490,-
    CH: Valtice
    0,75l Pálava 590,-
    0,75l Tramín červený 490,-/98,-
    0.75l Ryzlink rýnský VOC 490,-
    CH: Valtice
    0.37l Hibernal 390,-


    0.75l Chablis AOC 990,-
    Billaud Simon Bourgogne
    0.75l Petit Bourgeois Sauvignon Blanc 590,-/118,-
    Val de Loire


    0.75l Grüner Veltliner 640,-


    0.75l Malbec ultra Reserva 650,-/130,-

    Rose wines

    Bohemia and Moravia


    Red wines

    Bohemia and Moravia

    0.75l Cabernet sauvignon p.s. 490,-/98,-
    0,75l Pinot Noir Krásná hora v.z.h. 690,-
    Milan Sůkal
    0.75l Frankovka Voc 590,-
    Jan Stávek
    0.75l Neronet 490,-
    L. Veverka
    0.75l Frankovka Reserva 1090,-
    Jan Stávek
    0.75l Cabernet sauvignon- Merlotv.h. 850,-
    CH. Valtice

    Israel - Golan Heights

    0,75l Mount Hermon 760,-
    Wines from Golan Heights are one of the best wines in Israel
    0.75l Yarden Cabernet sauvignon 1690,-
    0,75l Yarden Pinot Noir - Northern part of Golan Heights 1380,-
    Very elegant and attractive wine with notes of raspberries, cherries and fresh flowers with a touch of spice. This year the wine has its ideal Very elegant and attractive wine with notes of raspberries, cherries and fresh flowers with a touch of spice. This year, the wine is bottled ideal bottle ripeness.


    0.75l Minuty Rosé M 650,-
    ST. Tropéz
    0.75l Château du Barail 480,-
    0.75 Château Réault 850,-
    0.75l Château Peyreau 1060,-
    Saint Emillion Geand Cru
    0.75l Château Beaumont 790,-
    Bordeaux Haut Medoc
    0.75l Château La Lagrange 3éme Grand Cru Classé 2460,-
    0.75l Château Pichon Longueville Baron 6400,-
    0.75l Pinot Noir 1090,-
    Bourgogne Rossignol Trapet
    0.75l Gevrey - Chambertin AOC 2900,-
    Bourgogne Rossignol Trapet
    0.75l Pommard La Croix Blanche 1830,-
    Bourgogne Parent
    0.75l Pinot Noir 490,-/90,-
    Languedoc - Roussilon Jamelles Essentiel
    0.75l Syrah 490,-/90,-
    Languedoc - Roussilon Jamelles Essentiel
    0.75l Cotes du Rhone La Dame AOC 590,-
    De La Mordorée
    0.75l Châteauneuf - du - Pape 1490,-
    Télégrammé vin. Télégraphe

    Sects and Champagne


    Sects and Champagne

    0.75l Emile Laurence 490,-
    Brut blanc
    0.75l Crémand de Bourgogne brut 750,-
    Paul Chollet
    0.75l Champagne Seléque brut Cuvée tradition 970,-
    0.75l Champagne Théophile rosse brut 1590,-
    0.75l Champagne Louis Roederer premier brut 1570,-