In the restaurant you can enjoy friendly and calm atmosphere of French countryside even if you are in the centre of Prague . The restaurant is located close to upper corner of Wenceslas Square (150 meters from Museum metro station and 300 meters from I.P. Pavlova metro station).


With us you “You Know what you eat” and “You know what you drink”

  • On the menu you can find steaks and other dishes from aged Charolaise beef tabuleproduced by Czech farmers, lamb from our farm, fruit brandy produced in our own distillery and various French specialities. The “secret” tip is a dessert prepared by liquid nitrogen (-196C°) right next to your table.
  • Name of the restaurant “White Cow” refers to the world´s best breed originating from the French town called Charolais. Founding of the restaurant almost twenty years ago is closely connected with a breeding company, which imported Charolaise cows from France and it breaded here in the Czech Republic.
  • We use beef from young Charolaise bulls raised on meadows of Moravian Highlands. On the blackboard nearby of entrance each customer can find bull´s identification number, age and exact length of meat aging.